Pauline Easby

Pauline Easby

Sunday, 6 January 2013

its taken all day to post these images

Got it into my head to change my blog, with drastic consequences. I ve spent most of the day trying to figure out why I can no longer upload images from my desktop files. Not sure if I have changed something in settings, layout or template but Ive lost the browse button.  But as Im not one to give up through sheer determination I have managed to upload some images of embroidery I have been working on. Ive never done this type of embroidery before so bare in mind they are first attempts.
 my attempt at Hardanger embroidery. All I can say is very difficult.

this shows how difficult it is getting the correct tension on the thread. Pulling thread too tight will pull the weave of fabric leaving major problems when tyring to pull threads through to create openwork designs.

This was my attempt of wite satin stitch on white linen fabric. Thought 'How easy can it be', but not easy at all. Once again the right tension and the correct placement of the needle will determine how well the final execution will be. Although from a distance this doesnt look too bad but up close under a magnifier its a whole diffferent story.

these samples together reminded me of pac man. Well Group 2 of Hand and Lock did same combine with space age 1969, albeit Pac man is slightly later than 1969

the whitework on linen was hopefully to help me the execution but I can see this is going to be a long process of practice and experimentation. I can send this into hand and lock. Mind you like I said I dont expect this to get through to the second stage but one can dream.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New year New plan for Hand and Lock competition

My christmas hearts were received with great enthusiasm, with everyone thinking they were shop bought. So a hughe round of applause for me. But now onto more competitive things, with christmas presents out of the way I thought I should start putting all my notes group 1 notws into a new sketchbook where I can really start thinking and planning what my next move was. But even after systematically writing up my thoughts and ideas I still couldnt get enthusiastic about it, I probably have a mental block on the whole 1970s Ziggy period. I keep having flashback of my uncle modeling himself on Ziggy and then theres the nasty orange and yellow sandals my sister and I wore when we were kids. I dont think I need to say anymore Im already having palpatations.

so where does this rant lead me?  Well I re-looked at the brief and suddenly realised I should be doing group two, consisting of Maire Antoinette and French Revolution  combined with space age fashion from the notable Courreges and Cardin. Suddenly everything seemed to fit into place. My synthetic fabric that I had dyed fits perfectly with the Rococo, and the red dyed silk with gold print fits with revolution and barogue - rococo Versailles. And for the combination of space well my final collection from my degree fits perfectly well with it.

I guess ALL I needed was to organise my thoughts. The bizzare thing about it is my project 1939-45 had truthfully got no further than Paris, my ideas, designs and thoughts were all based on Paris which made even  more sense to do group 2.

Today Im looking forward to pulling my ideas together, writing them up going through my dye samples etc. I have done loads of work already so now is the exciting bit focus on my embroidery, start practicing whitework, lattice and filigree. wish me luck