Pauline Easby

Pauline Easby

Saturday, 16 February 2013

back on track with my embroidery and possibly inspired by my garden web photos

this was only a technique sample, not too sure about the large satin stitch  blob that looks like a mummy with a catholic halo, but on the otherhand it has inspired me to look outside the box for space 1969.

why plastic? to give the element of a new life style. 1969 life, new age, new materials

this looks as though I have just couched a glass bead necklace but each bead has actually been individually sewn by hand, yes it took a while.

hope these are better

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Totally inspired by Charles Germain de Saint -Aubin

dont know why but this close up looks like an owl in a tree or possibly a cat,Im glad to say it doesnt look like that on the fabric, but perhaps I need to have another look because this is not good. I photograpghed it upside down. I cant look at it anyway now without seeing a cat. Must focus on the techniques I used.

please do not let this image put you off the book
 Got the book art of the embroiderer by Charles Germain de Saint -Aubin for Christmas, spent the holidays reading and making notes getting totally inspired and finally getting how I could turn my sketches and mark makings into embroidered pieces. These are more technique samples from which I learned so much, aswell as starting to think how I could turn them into full designs for garmet shapes, if anybody is out there and does read my blog, (as if ) let me know what you think. If not at least its a record for me to return too and when I see it on the screen it does'nt feel like my work so I can be honest about it and admit I hate or like it.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

finding inspiration in the garden

reminds me of lace

broken lace or whats left after a riot or revolution perhaps

alien or  perhaps space roackets 1969

more wearing away of the past, pushing forward into the future

old ideas dying, broken new ones radiating out to reach everyone across the universe. If you havent guessed already Im right into eighteenth century versailles - french rebellion -  space 1969