Pauline Easby

Pauline Easby

Sunday, 5 August 2012

keeping on the right track

As you know I wanted to keep my 39-45 project focused on positive aspects of ths period, as these years were for me. So I started to research films, dances dancers, and mucis of that time. Talk about an abundace of material and ideas, I think this project will be a continuing life long one rather than something I will finish in the near future. Check out this you tube its amazing
My ideas are spirilling out of control. Not sure where the ideas are ggoing to go but if I can capture someof this energy I will be happy. Other influences and inspiration will come from films like gone with the wind, pinocchio, judy Garland, 1939 worlds fair at New York, and this is just 39 - 40.Judy Garland Photo 34741939-1940

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