Pauline Easby

Pauline Easby

Friday, 16 November 2012

have I used the fabric?

The answer is of course yes. However I did have a few problems trying to dye it becasue although the fabric was silk Im not sure if it is a silk mix because there has been some interesting results when removed from the dye bath. Procions didnt work well at all, colour didnt take at all, acids did take but not in the way I had expected, But on a positive note the colours are just what I was wanting for my 39-45 project, which I havent forgotten, but am now back on track with due to mesing around as if I am a student again.

original colour before experimenting with dyes. 

the dye is very subtle

a few samples, subtle but elegant I think and to think I only used four dye baths for the whole collection.

the beautiful red and dark grey were put into the same dye baths as my 2nd hand fabric but the difference in colour take is amazing. This is the best prt of dying fabric. 

I think this has got a Japenese military feel about it, which did help to re-inspire me with my life long project

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