Pauline Easby

Pauline Easby

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

More inspirational Paris.

Can't believe I am actually writing another post in the same week, but this is my new goal!  keeping my blog updated. But enough talking heres some of my inspirational memories of Paris.
I cant remember the name of the shop but the olive green and gold were so beautiful I knew  I would use this either as a concept or a colour scheme in the future.

I love the winding streets of Europe. This street angle  will fit in perfectly for mjy next project I keep going on about. I particularly like the way the the streets seem to merge into one.

Boltanski's piles of clothes. Yes they could be just a pile of clothes found in junk shops, flea markets etc etc but each item holds a story, and as a collection of garments they hold a lifetime of stories. For me this is so inspirational, immediately evoking a plethora of questions, who do they belong to? where are the people now? did they grow out of them? did they have to leave them? are these clothes the result of a disapora? and that is just my first response, I havent even got onto the colours or styles yet. 

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