Pauline Easby

Pauline Easby

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

new project 39-45

Here are some of my primary and secondary reserch for my next project 39-45.
I chose this because I began my degree when I was 39 complketing it age 45, but as I love concepts and stories I hope to include inspiration from the years 1939-45. However I am aware this will need to be done with the utmost sincerity.
The type of things I want to take from that time are personal stories and testomonies such as remebering their homes or objects they loved, their wallpaper or painted walls, their furniture, clothes and accessories, even uniforms. Rather than focusing on the painful memories of war and detrimental loss.

As a student 39-45 I had a specific birthday, I remeber certain clothes I wore and even completed my dissertation on objects within my home and their meaning to me. As a result of contextual studies I now look at architecture and design with fresh eyes. I look forward to any comments you feel willing to give me.

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