Pauline Easby

Pauline Easby

Sunday, 24 June 2012

what a weekend

well this weekend has been rather strange. I found out it is extremely important to ask people if you can mention them if ever you are featured in a newpaper article. Life is a learning curve and this is something I had not thought about, but will never forget if it happens again.
The second thing I found out was I am featured in mewspaper articles in Australia, America and London. This was a complete shock. Although it is the same story nonetheless its bizarre to see my name come up on google. Something else I have found interesting is many people have viewed my blog over the last month but have not left any comments. I value any feedback I can get
My final finding is no surprise that nothing comes easy in life, we all have to work through the bad times but that family, friends, collegues and evaluations are essential for discussing things through to get to the bottom of them.
Ymay also have noticed I HAVE FINALLY TAKEN THE PLUNGE and posted a photo of myself. I am not photogenic as this images proves but yes this is me. Look out for me at New Designers. After six long years of hoping and wishing I could one day get there, I did. I set off tomorrow with nine fellow students. Good luck to all of us.

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