Pauline Easby

Pauline Easby

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Hope this explains where I have been for the last few months

Ok so I havent been blogging for a while but this has been down to working in school five days per week then making christmas presents. My 39-45 project has been put on hold although I have used the designs for christmas presents. I am coming around to the fact that this project is definitely going to be a life long one rather than a short term mess about. As for Hand and Lock im feeling back on track but dont want to say too much as will leave that for another post. 
I have printed on wool, never used this fabric before but truly love it. Check me out,  printed with acid dyes not and I repeat not pigment so this in itself is a breakthrough in confidence for me. Lets face it with pigment you know what your getting but printing with acid dyes is a whole new ball game. Im only a novice enjoying her thing rather than preaching to the queens of the screen such as Joy and Ingrid.But  after printing I started to get back into hand embroidery which I havent wanted to do since finishing my degree. I guess this is why I feel ready to restart Hand and lock. Let me know what you think
Each heart contains inside a hand stitched muslin heart filled with lavander fresh form my Dad's garden, surrounded by soft toy filling. Im pretty pleased with them.

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  1. P these are GORGEOUS!!! Love the colours - especially the pinky red. It's lovely wool isn't it?