Pauline Easby

Pauline Easby

Monday, 31 December 2012

just realised how busy I have been also done these

this was a cushion cover for my niece, aagin fabric found in my cupboard

this was going to be an apron but made it into a cushion cover for my eldest dauther instead.You might rememeber the design from one of my Paris blogs earlier in the year.  I saw the image on a wall in Paris which I then redrew and used as a print
I had made some 50s style aprons last year for a photoshoot for a client last year. I re-found these in one of my fabric boxes and thought great I know who loves cooking, once again a cheap alternatice to chrissy presents. Well out of the five I had left two made it into aprons. I used acid dye to print with but unlike the wool which loved the dye cotton did not. So after experimenting on the other aprons I decided on pigment. One went to my 12 year old daughter, the other to my niece. I think they look ok, lthought he red print could have been printed further down the apron, it looks abit misplaced. I was just impresed with how clean my print was.

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