Pauline Easby

Pauline Easby

Thursday, 1 March 2012

The essence of Dorothy

I know this is a professional blog buy I am rather pleased with the outcome of the Dorothy costume, however I must confirm in terms of professional standards the seams are not finished off or even overlocked, some  threads still need cutting and it really needs a good iron, but considering Dorothy has been to the land of Oz and back I think its held together pretty well.
So any one out there who is a bit creative, likes the concept  of 'make do and mend', recycling etc etc I hope I have inspired you.

I think Ella makes a superb Dorothy.

Needed to show the shoes once again.  I'm still shocked they turned out the way they did.
Red acrylic paint and glitter !!!! Come on girls next time you need a new pair of shoes head to the
works,  buy a tube of acrylic paint and a couple of tubes of glitter. and you will rock the dance floor.

Thought I should add the remains of the two dresses that I cut up to make one.
And no I wont be throwing this lot out, I'm sure I will use the collars, the skirt part
 the buttons and sleeves in some other project or costume.  

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  1. Pauline the shoes in particular, are a TRIUMPH!