Pauline Easby

Pauline Easby

Saturday, 24 March 2012

The Queens of the screen

 I can see this becoming a regular feature. 'The Queens of the screens', all those femmes out there who are truly, existentially (if thats the right word) beyond belief are amazing with a screen, but for me at the minute my award goes to Joy Herman, Ingrid Hudson and  Phillippa Copping but check out  Jennifer, Helen and Carley their work is amazing. I have to go now and since I dont know how to set my blogs for later days or times I will show you their work  possibly tomorrow. 
Joy Herman. Just look at the clean clarity of those lines . cxheck her out on

I watchd Joy in the print room a few years ago ans was amazed by her planning and preparation that went into printing 
check her out on
I love how she achieves layers of colour .

Phillippas koda trace
I'm just waiting for her to put images of her coloured print onto her blog. Check her out at seeing is believing.


  1. You beauty! have a lovely Easter Queen.

  2. Thanks Pauline! Can't wait to see your final show. Hope all is going well. x